The “Virals”

I don’t know what is actually considered viral, but I am pretty damn proud of these posts...


Grab ’em by the Ballots

Reposted by the totally woke, beautiful and talented Tracee Ellis Ross on Debate Night. The meme was inspired by Lindy West's Op-Ed in the NYT.

Photo Oct 18, 3 06 09 PM.jpg

Repost on Instagram

By actress Kate Walsh

Photo Feb 20, 12 06 51 AM.jpg

Trump For Prison 2017

The meme that launched 9.2k likes, 1.7 shares on one Facebook post. Countless other versions elsewhere.

Photo Nov 30, 9 47 54 PM.jpg

Daily Show Interview

This went super viral! And I was called a “National Treasure"!!! 

Photo Nov 30, 9 27 32 PM.png

D.L. Hughley repost

Wonderful comedian/actor D.L. Hughley

Photo Nov 30, 9 44 04 PM.jpg

Daily Show Interview Meme

The memester gets meme'd! I heard from everyone I’ve ever known in my life.